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Business Law and Contracting

Business law includes laws relating to contract, sale of goods, negotiable instruments, partnership, company and many other economic laws having a bearing on trade, industry, and commerce Business Laws and Contracting

The terms ‘Business’, ‘Commercial’, and ‘Mercantile’, in relation to law, are used in the same sense. ‘Business Law’ is that branch of law, which comprises laws concerning trade, industry and commerce. Business law refers to those rules and regulations, which govern the formation and execution of business transactions made by various persons in the society. These provisions comprise the legal environment of business. Business law is intended to infuse the much needed ‘certainty’ in commercial dealings.

We are capable of advising on all aspects of Corporate, Legal Commercial and Company Affairs, including formation of legal entities in India and overseas, contracting and transactional documentation including agency and distribution, franchising and licensing, , and on day-to-day legal issues including :-

• Overseas Investment in Indian Companies
• Consultancy Work for Systems Development and Implementation thereof.
• Corporate and Individual Taxation.
• Back Office Services
• Service Tax Related Services
• VAT Related Services
• STPI Related Services
• RBI and FIPB Related Work
• Company Law Work.
• Due Diligence Exercises
• Merger & Amalgamation
• Concurrent, Management and Internal Audits.
• Statutory Audits




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